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Synklisi initiates and closes deal with Intracom Defense leading to a successfully concluded project. Further informatioSynklisi participates in EIF World Energy Congress & ExpoOct 22, 2020: Synklisi participates in Funding forum – funding for Science and innnovation, EUROPEAN NETWORK OF RE

About Us



Reduce waste and friction between technological innovation and business applications. Improve the lives of many, protect our environment.


Devise the means necessary to facilitate the technological transfer from where it’s born to its application in the marketplace / industry.

Bridge innovative startups, companies & institutions with the industry, provide guidance for the first, solutions for the second.

Our Solutions

2020-2021: Synklisi provides business development and consulting services for Embneusys, the IoT solution provider specialized in the construction industry.

Synklisi has assumed market research, lead generation, technology presentation and introductory meetings with the industry leaders.

Industry insight, feature requests. technological synergies, software development.

2020-21: Synklisi joins innovative project spearheaded by major cement manufacturer for the optimization of production sections based on a combination of simulation disciplines.

Synklisi coordinates simulation experts, researches alternative methods and assesses their cost / benefit impact, evaluates potential benefits to client assuming ROIs, formulates price based on projected client break even point, composes technical / financial propositions, client negotiations, liaising, and project management.

In addition, Synklisi has researched legal proposition regarding IP management and suggested further steps regarding IP utilization.

2020-21: Synklisi partners with experts in the Water & Energy management to provide turnkey innovative solutions.
Water consumption per person in hotels tends to be high and can be as much as three times the average consumption. Even though studies have shown that retrofits to reduce water consumption are profitable, hotels do not proceed with such investments because:

  1. “plug play” water energy integrated saving solutions are not available in the market
  2. Costs associated with the design & installation of water-energy saving integrated solution are obscure.

Synklisi, provides solution integrating experts to collect and analyzing operational and financial data, suggest measures and actions for water and energy savings. Results are integrated with novel, commercially available technologies into a unique, scalable system for water energy use optimization. A turnkey system adaptable to hotels of various sizes.

2019-20: Synklisi transforms expert knowledge in “Cathodic protection optimization” into a full-fledged service.

Synklisi provides solution to an established Greek Oil & Gas company for optimizing their cathodic protection.

Services include market research, competitive services assessment, client scouting, price formulation, client cost benefit analysis, develop trust with end-customer as trade secrets become an integral part of the project, join interdisciplinary experts in order to resolve arising practical problems, draft negotiate and finalize financial and technical proposal. Client undisclosed

2018-19: Synklisi provides solution to ARTION medical for ISO approval on endurance properties for their newly developed products.

Synklisi connected expert partners, (Siemens distributors, solution providers to CERN), managed the project (administration & technical), performed market research, formulated & negotiated pricing / payment terms. Project required Finite Element Analysis for their hip joint prostheses products.

ARTION Medical is the exclusive distributor in Greece for medical devices – orthopaedic surgery – from Switzerland and the US.

Additional Solutions

Synklisi along with respective partners, has researched and prepared competitive and effective solutions in the following fields of expertise:


Shaft alignment Optimization Hullgirder deflections


Off-shore platform pull-in & cable installation analysis for the Maritime industry.


Propulsion system performance for the Maritime industry

Business Development

project management
sales development
team building
product management
cost cutting
client scouting
market research
customer liaising
strategic initiatives
business planning
price formulation
technical management

Our Partners

Legal counseling.
Esteemed scientists in fields of electromagnetism, mechanical engineering, chemical
engineering, data science, naval engineering and other innovation developers and technology experts.
Venture capitalists & specialists in EU, local and international funding.
Accounting, business development & project management.
Higher education and R & D institutes / organizations, incubators.

Our Process

Synklisi (σύγκλιση) is the Greek word for convergence.

Convergence is a prerequisite to technology transfer because:

We start from academic knowledge
Interdisciplinary collaboration is required to bring together a ready-to-market service / product.
We develop and maintain trust with end-customer as trade secrets become an integral part of the project.
We manage and utilize confidential information about profits, strategic objectives, competitive advantages with binding agreements among all members involved.
We formulate competitive pricing balancing market conditions, competition, client needs, costs, potential benefits.

Synklisi Incorporates A Wide Network Of Experts In Order To Realize Projects.


3D Printing, Artificial intelligence,
CAD / CAM, Carbon Nanotubes, CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chemical Engineering,
Corrosion Optimization


Corrosion Prediction,
Energy Management, FEA,
Finite Elements Method, Graphene,
ICT sensors, Image Analysis

Experts in Electromagnetism, Mechanical, Chemical Naval engineering, Data scientists, Innovators

Image Processing, Location Sensors, Machine Learning, Material Science, Modelling and Simulation,
Multi-Physics Simulation


Nanotubes, PCB design, Prediction Algorithms,
Product Optimization, Protective Coatings, RF design, Structural Health Monitoring

Higher Education, R & D Institutes / Organizations, Incubators

Text Mining, Vibro-acoustic Wave Propagation,Video Analysis, Video Summarization

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